2017 Turkey Trot Recap

Last year was the first Thanksgiving I had ever heard of a turkey trot. The years before I probably never would have fathomed people would want to go running when they could be eating! Well, last year I searched around and found a small one that was taking place just a couple of miles from our house. I took a couple of kiddos and we had a blast! While we were there though, we noticed there were a TON of people dressed up in fun turkey themed items. So the kids and I decided we’d have to get something to wear the next time.

As our race approached this year, we decided some turkey hats were in order! They turned out so fun, and the kids were so excited about them!

Then the Tuesday night before the race, the girls and I decided we needed sparkle skirts. Because you obviously can’t run a race without sparkle skirts! So we headed to Joann’s to get some fabric.

Because waited so long to figure out we needed sparkle skirts, I only had one day to make them all. Thankfully they’re fairly fast to make!

The girls were sooooo excited, you guys! They spent quite a bit of time figuring out what we were all going to wear, trying it on, and laying it all out to make a “flat turkey”!

Well, race morning finally came, and we dressed up in our turkey outfits and headed to the race. We ended up being the first people to arrive (awkward!) so of course all of the volunteers had nothing better to do than to watch us walk across the parking lot in all our sparkly turkey glory. I could see them all smiling and pointing to us, then when we got close enough they all started complimenting us on on our outfits and even had us pose for a photo. It was funny, and the kids loved it.

As we drank hot chocolate and waited for the race to start, I watched everyone else arrive. There was NOBODY else dressed up. Seriously, nobody! And it was a small race, less than 200 people, so we definitely stood out! But it was fun, and the kids loved all the compliments they got on the outfits they worked so hard to put together.

Eventually we made our way to the starting line, and we were off! It was just 1.5 miles, so we thought we’d try letting our 3 year old “run” it, but have our stroller ready as a backup. After about a quarter of a mile, I could see that she was really overwhelmed by all the people. And honestly I was a little stressed just trying to keep her out of peoples way! So we put her in the stroller for the rest of it.

I think she had more fun that way! She did jump out at the end so she could run across the finish line.

After that, there was nothing left to do but eat the food and drink more hot chocolate!

It was a TON of fun, and it’s DEFINITELY going to be a family tradition!

What about you? Did you turkey trot?!

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