2018 Guide to Winter Running Gear

I confess: I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they hear that I run outside in the winter.  But I live in an area where it can snow from October all the way through March (It’s even been known to snow in July!) so unless I want to spend 6 months on my treadmill, I have to run in snow.  It’s actually not that bad, and I’ve really learned to love it.  Having the right gear is  MUST though.  So, here’s a list of some of my favorite running gear…in no particular order.

(disclosure: I am an ambassador for some of these brands, which means I get free/discounted product from them.  However, I am an ambassador because I truly LOVE the products, so all these opinions are my own.  This post also contains affiliate links.)
    1. Yaktrax.  If you’re a runner, you’ve likely heard of them…because they’re a lifesaver.  The sidewalks and trails I run on are pretty well maintained in terms of snow removal, but there’s always that small layer that’s left behind.  That layer that gets packed down, frozen, melted, and refrozen.  That’s where Yaktrax come in.  They have a variety of levels of traction available, and slip right over your shoe making them easy to transfer from shoe to shoe. (website | Amazon
    2. Skirt Sports Toasty Collection.  I could never survive summer without my running skirts, but I never thought I’d wear them throughout the winter.  Until I met the Toasty Tights.  They’re a heavyweight running tight with panels of an anti-chill fabric (wind and weather proof) on the outside and a brushed fleece on the inside.  They’re amazing.  There’s also a skirt that you can get for pulling over your normal running tights on those days you need a little extra.  (Website use code 845spen to save | Amazon
    3. Headsweats Knit Beanies.  I love these beanies so much I have 3 of them.  But really it’s like I have 6 of them because they’re reversible! They keep my head and ears super warm, while wicking away sweat.  Because, yes…I still sweat while running in sub freezing temps 😉 Many of them have a bright color on one side, for visibility, and a neutral color on the other.  (Website | Amazon
    4. Balega Blister Resists Crew.  You all know I run in nothing but Balegas, but these are my go-to winter socks.  Made out of a mohair blend, it’s an obvious choice for keeping feet dry and warm.  Which makes for blister free, happy feet.  The crew length is always my winter choice, for that added barrier around my ankles.  (Website | Amazon)
    5. Cuddl Duds Climate Right Long Sleeve and Leggings.  These make a great, inexpensive base layer.  The material is super thin, and easy to layer under any of your normal running clothes for when you need a little extra warmth.  And I’ve also been known to wear them as pajamas.  (ShirtLeggings)

    1. Running Gloves.  The running gloves I have, I found at TJMaxx last fall.  I’ve searched the internet from top to bottom, and haven’t been able to find any for sale.  I found a few available for purchase used, but that’s it!  So, I found this pair on Amazon that similar.  What I’ve found works best for me, is a thin but warm glove with a weather resistant convertible mitten.  Keeps your hands warm and dry.  (Amazon)

6. Electric blanket.  I’m not even kidding.  Ok, so this isn’t technically “running” gear, but imagine this:  You run 8 miles in 25 degree weather, you’re cold and you’re tired.  What are you going to do?  Turn on that electric blanket and curl up under it!  Preferably with a giant mug of hot coffee. (Amazon)

So there you have it!  Do you have any winter running items you just can’t live without?

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