5 Things I Love to Hate About Running

I’m sure you’ve caught on by now…I kind of love running.  However, as much as I love running, there are a few things that I don’t love quite so much.

It’s not an “inexpensive sport”

You’ve read those articles too.  The ones that say running is a great, inexpensive way to exercise…all you need is a pair of shoes!  What they fail to tell you is that those shoes cost upwards of $150 and the more you run, the more you’ll need to replace them!  And of course if you’re female you’ll need a good sports bra.  And those cheap athletic socks and running clothes as your local big box store? Probably won’t cut it for long.  Before you know it, you’ll have invested hundreds into running clothes.

Weather is a thing

It would be nice if every run occurred in perfect weather…but it doesn’t.  Where I live, you’ve gotta be prepared for any and every type of weather on any given day.  Which of course means you need proper attire for running in said weather (there’s that “inexpensive sport” thing again)  And of course weather effects your run.  Humidity? It’ll slow you down.  Ice and snow? That’ll slow you down too.

Treadmill, Dreadmill, or Insteadmill?

And let’s not forget the treadmill!  If you’re willing to spend the money on your “inexpensive sport” to avoid the weather, there’s the treadmill.  But that has a whole new host of problems!  Do you go by the mileage your treadmill says or what your watch says?  How do you survive more than 10 minutes on the treadmill?  Is that person on the treadmill next to you at the gym running faster than you are?!

There’s so much info out there, and some of it’s conflicting

Anyone else notice this?

“Run fast to get fast!” “You need plenty of easy running days”.

“Stretch before each run” “Stretching can be harmful, do dynamic warmups instead”.

“Eat before a run.” “Eat after a run”.

I understand there are different approaches to training, and that each person is different…but I really wish it wasn’t so difficult to sift through all the information that’s out there.  Let me tell ya, it would have saved me a whole lot of frustration if I had properly understood running when I started!

The need for speed

A runner’s pace is everything.  Now, on one level I totally get that…but I also sometimes wish it wasn’t such a thing. We are all so different and at different points of our running journey, so we really shouldn’t compare our paces to other’s.  But I’m certainly guilty of that and I bet you are too!  At the same time, I know it’s a great indicator of progress.  It’s such a great feeling to set a new PR and to see all your hard work pay off!

While there are some things that irritate me about running, I’m willing to look past them.  Every good relationships have their down sides, right?!  I love running, and I don’t see that changing any time soon =)

What about you? What things do you love to hate about running?

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10 thoughts on “5 Things I Love to Hate About Running

  1. LOL at treadmill, dreadmill, or Insteadmill!! I definitely love to hate that thing. I don’t have one so if I need (no one ever uses the word “want” in this sentence) to use one, I go to the Y. And you know the Y can’t afford state-of-the-art machinery! Ugh. I guess it’s better than running in ice or a thunderstorm, right?

    And you are on point about that conflicting information. Running is so subjective, anyway! What works for one person may not work for another but everyone is sharing their thoughts and ideas.

    1. Yes! It can defiantly be better than running on ice 😉 Running is very subjective to the person, and I love that there’s so many people sharing their thoughts and ideas, I’ve found a lot of good info that way. A bit of nonsense too, but plenty of good stuff.

  2. Running definitely is not a cheap sport! I did a huge gulp when I bought my first official pair of running shoes….and I’ve lost count of how many others I have bought in the past 13ish years….

    1. Right?! I know that it’s worth the cost, but part of me still cringes every time I buy a new pair 😉

  3. OMGosh, the information on running is all over the place and it is hard to tell what is most important. When I first started running I thought all I needed was a pair of shoes and go. Now it’s proper running shoes, fuel (pre, during, and post run), compression, heart rate monitor….blah, blah, blah. Sigh.

    1. Right?! It’s so much more complicated than I initially thought! And who would have thought someone could acquire so many running related items? My closet is completely overrun 😉

  4. Definitely not cheap. The race fees, clothes, accessories, and shoes do add up. I used to compare myself to others all of the time and now I don’t anymore. It was just making me unhappy with MY running experience. I decided then to just focus on me–my runs and my pace.

    1. That’s definitely the way to do it! I’ve worked hard this past year or so to not compare myself to others when it comes to running, it’s still hard at times (like when I see someones who’s time goal for a full marathon is the same as my goal for a half!) but I’m getting there =)

  5. I love running and back in the day when I first started I thought it can’t be that expensive. No equipment is even needed in this sport….wrong! Between expensive shoes, Garmin, race entries, etc. Oh well, I love it so. Much I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    1. I’ll admit, that I kind of love buying all the running stuff too 😉 I definitely wish they stuff wasn’t so expensive, but who doesn’t love a new pair of running shoes?!

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