And so it Begins

It’s November! To me, that means two things. First, #RunNovemberChallenge has begun!!! Second, winter has begun. Seriously.

I knew I had to get early to fit my run in before the kids woke up and the husband left for work. My alarm went off and I did NOT want to get up. There should be some kind of law against getting up while it’s still dark out, right?! Well, I knew that I had to get up and run. After all, I’m hosting the challenge! Wouldn’t it be horrible if I missed day 1?! So, I crawled out of bed and got dressed.

It was dark. And cold. And rainy. And I forgot my new gloves with cool lights on them. But I kept running. I wanted to test out a new route in my neighborhood, one that I thought might be about a 1 mile loop. I figured it would be good for those days I want to do the 1 mile minimum. It was closer to 1.25 miles, but it’ll do!

Along the way I was surprised to see so many people leaving their homes. What were those crazy people doing awake so early?! Then I remembered it was about 7 am. Not all that early! I’m going to have to get used to these dark morning runs, now that winter is near. Technically it won’t start for quite a while, but this is North Idaho. We pretty much have 6 months of winter 😂

Day 1 is complete though…only 30 more to go! How about you? Did you get your mile in?

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