Balega Impi

I got the amazing news yesterday that I’ve been chosen to be a Balega Impi (ambassador) for this year!  It was super exciting to get the email, but to be honest I was pretty convinced at first that it wasn’t legit.  I applied for the ambassadorship, thinking I’d probably never get accepted, but I love their socks so much I wanted to be a part of it!  Well, eventually I figured out it was legit and I’m still finding it hard to believe!  I’m really looking forward to working with them this year, and sharing their products with you all.  There may even be a giveaway to look forward to!
In other news, I finally got myself a Garmin heart rate monitor!  I have the Vivoactive HR, but I’ve found the wrist based heart rate can be a bit too sketchy for my needs.  I’ve been using a Polar heart rate monitor, which works great, but I obviously can’t get the data to my Garmin.  So, I broke down and bought the chest strap for my Garmin and so far it’s synced up and working!

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