Birthday Running

Yesterday my BRF turned 7!!! I can’t believe how quickly these little people grow 😢 Since she loves running with me, I of course had to get her some running clothes for her birthday.

Once I discovered Balega has kid sized socks, I knew I had to get her some! Every time we go running, she borrows a pair of mine, so I figured she’d love some of her own. I was right. I also found some cute running clothes on clearance at Target and TJ Maxx.

So, naturally we all got dressed and went for a run! She was even nice enough to let her little sis borrow a pair of her new socks.

Sadly we didn’t make it far, only about a half mile, before we had to turn around. The poor birthday girl has been sick, and with all the smoke in the air she was coughing like crazy. We did manage to get some fun pictures though, and some funny attempts at a jump shot!

Clearly we need to practice 😂

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