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Halfway There!

That’s right, folks…we are halfway through our November run streak! I’ll admit, it’s been tough. My hope with this challenge was to motivate myself to keep running between training cycles. Which is working, I suppose, but I find myself doing the minimum too often. See, […]

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The Run November Challenge

You guys, I’m soooo excited for this!  I posted on Instagram yesterday about how I’m feeling a little lost and unmotivated without a training plan…and that I was tossing around the idea of a run streak in November.  Several people mentioned that they were in […]

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Almost Made It

After my half marathon, I decided to take a week off of running. Just a week. Some time to rest and refocus, maybe try a few new things. I didn’t make it 😂 I lasted all of 5 days, then I just had to get […]

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