CDA Summer Series #2 Recap

Another week, another 5k! I tried really hard to go into this one with zero expectations. I had run one fairly well the previous week (recap here) so I just wanted to have fun and gain some racing experience.
I started off just wondering if I'd get there on time! The traffic was soooo bad! But I made it with time to spare and got my bib without any problems.

About 10 minutes before the start, I thought I might as well make a quick trip to the bathroom. I had about 16 oz of Nuun before I left, and was starting to feel it 😂 From where I was sitting, I couldn't see a line so I headed over. Alas, there was a line! I figured I'd wait for 5 min and if I hadn't made it by then I'd head to the start line. Thankfully I made it to the bathroom and to the start line with time to spare! And then we were off!
I learned my lesson from last time, and just walked the first few minutes until the path widened and the crowd dispersed a bit. The first mile went by easily, and I was surprised to see my first split at 14:21, my average pace last week was 14:44 so I was a little worried I'd started out too fast. But since I was feeling good, I went ahead and picked up the pace a bit for mile 2.
This mile was the most fun for sure! I felt great and there were plenty of people around to cheer and to chat with! I even ended up running a bit with a couple of ladies who were Skirt Sports fans, so we chatted about running skirts for a while 😊
My mile 2 split ended up being 13:52! I was still feeling pretty good and thought I could at least maintain that pace for the last mile. I did end up walking for about 30 seconds toward the end, but not so much because I needed to, more because I wanted to rest up so I could push hard that final stretch!

I ended up coming across the finish line at about a 7:53 pace! (That's me on the right!) My final mile was 13:27 with a finish time of 42:28! That's three minutes faster than my previous week! Well, slightly less, but I'm rounding up 😉

I'm definitely happy with my results, I pushed hard and beat my previous time, but I also know I didn't go as hard as I could. And I'm ok with that. My goal with these races is to gain experience, not to kill myself setting PRs. That being said, I just might try and shave a few seconds off my time for the third and final race. 🤔
Oh, and of course there was ice cream!

And my official stats:

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