CDA Summer Series #3 Recap

Are you done hearing about these things yet? Because I am soooo done with them 😂 Three 5k's in three weeks is a lot, especially if it's exactly the same each time! I really, really wanted to skip out on this last one. It was a pretty hot day (for around here) and I had horrible cramps (just keeping it real) and my kids have been keeping me busy this week so I was pretty tired. But I also knew I'd regret it if I didn't finish.

By this time I had the routine down, get there, pick up the bib, use the porta-potty, line up and run. But this time around, they gave me my shirt when I picked up my bib! I've gotta admit…my first thought was "well I've got my shirt, do I really need to run?" But then I remembered I hadn't gotten my bracelet yet. I wouldn't get that until I finished! (Each race gave a different bracelet instead of a medal, and a shirt for completing all three).

So, run I did and I had no expectations. I just wanted to take it easy and enjoy the final race. In the first mile I got to chat with one of the awesome ladies I'd gotten to know a bit during the races. Come mile 2 she started pulling ahead, and I decided to just hold my pace rather than going for negative splits. By the time I hit mile 3 though, I could see her a ways ahead of me so I made it my goal to catch up with her by the end. So, inch by inch I got closer, until the final .1 miles is started sprinting. I caught up to her right at the end and we finished together! It was so fun!

It's been interesting to compare the three races, the way I approached them, and what the results were.

Race 1:
84 degrees
Really bad start, too fast first mile.
Attempted to run by feel, but had a hard time maintaining pace.
Had to walk quite a bit.
Chip time 45:12
Splits – 14:10/15:18/14:54

Race 2:
79 degrees
Good start, slowly gained momentum.
Ran first mile by feel, tried picking up the pace each mile by 30 seconds after that.
Walked a bit toward the end, but because I wanted to rest up a bit to push hard at the end.
Chip time – 42:25
Splits – 14:21/13:52/13:27

Week 3:
88 degrees
Good start, slowly gained momentum
Wanted to run an easy, steady pace
Walked up the hills to keep it easy
Chip time – 44:58
Splits – 15:00/15:01/14:12

My whole goal with these races was to gain experience, to learn how to pace myself and just get familiar with racing in general. I think I definitely learned a lot! I'm happy with my efforts, especially since I'm used to running in cooler temps! I'm looking forward to using what I've learned in my fall races!

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