Color Me Rad 5k Recap

Color Me Rad was one of those 5k’s I’ve always wanted to run.  Because what could be better than running a few miles while people throw colored powder at you?!  My friend and I scored an awesome deal on registration, so that made it even better!  Since young kids are free (yay!) my two littlest got to run the 5k with me as well.  Which means we needed some awesome running clothes, right?  So I got busy sewing some sparkle skirts for us.

I got them done the day before the race (I’m a slacker like that!) and the girls were so excited that they got all our clothes ready to go.

Saturday morning came, and we packed up to make the drive over.  It was in a nearby city that would take about 45 min to drive to, plus we had to get there early enough for packet pickup.  Parking was easy, so we headed over to get in line for the packet picket, but first, we stopped for some “before” photos!

The pickup line was long, but it moved quickly.  We got our bibs and shirt and goodies, and were ready to go!  But first, one more “before” picture!

And then we were off!  The course was kind of odd, the whole thing was on a race track, and the beginning portion was really crowded.  I don’t have any photos of us running the actual race, it was raining so I left my phone with my husband.  He did manage to get this shot though.

I’m there in the middle pushing the stroller 😉  The color stations were fun, they all did a great job of throwing plenty of colors on us!  My only complaint is that at one of the stations they were playing some music that was full of language.  Definitely not as family friendly as I’d hoped from an event that allows kids to participate for free.  But I’m guessing it was just a song that came up on the Spotify station a volunteer had chosen, or something like that.

As we wound our way through the course, the rain started really coming down and we were soaked!  It wasn’t too bad though, and it made the colors more vibrant!  After about 2 miles, I let my 2 year old out to “run” through the last couple of color stations.  I think being so short was a disadvantage!  A lot of the volunteers were awesome and made sure to toss some color on her chest, but she also managed to get a TON in her hair!  And it’s still orange and pink in places haha!  When we got toward the finish line, my husband was there to get a few more photos of us, and this is how the last mile really went:

As we got closer to the finish line, we could hear the party!  One of the big things is a final “color bomb”.  As you cross the finish line, they give you a color bomb, then at the end there’s a countdown and everyone throws their color into the air at the same time.  Fun, right?!  Well, sadly we missed it.  This is my one other complaint. There were still easily 30-40 people who hadn’t crossed the finish line when they started the countdown.  So that was kind of a bummer to miss out on that, but we just threw our bombs at each other =)

We also got some fun finish line photos though, my favorite is this one where my 10 year old pulled off an awesome photobomb!

Then of course, there’s the “after” photos!

There were plenty of water bottles and snacks, so we grabbed some of those for our trip home (thanks, Kind Bars!)

All in all it was a super fun experience!  I would definitely recommend it and I plan on doing it again next year!

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