DIY Race Bib Pennant Banner

Several weeks ago, I spent some time organizing my little corner of the garage to make my gym.  One of the things I wanted to do was make it “happy”.  If I was going to be spending a lot of on the treadmill throughout the winter, I didn’t want to be staring at boring white walls!  I wanted it to be a space that would bring a smile to my face. So I hung up my race medals, and then decided I wanted to do something with all my race bibs.  What better thing to do than to turn them into a pennant banner?!

Every time I posted a picture on Instagram, I got people commenting about my banner!  So I figured I’d put together a little tutorial to show you all how I made mine, just in case you wanted one but didn’t want to cut up all those precious race bibs!

If videos aren’t your thing, here’s a step by step tutorial:


DIY Race Bib Pennant Banner

Items needed:

  • race bibs
  • tape
  • ruler
  • safety pins


  1. Fold race bib in half, and pinch the first inch or so of the fold to mark the center.

2. Lay bib flat, number side down, and run a ruler from the center fold point, to the opposite corner, leaving the hole open.  Fold the bib over your ruler, toward the center.

3. Repeat on other side.

4. You’ll probably have a bit of overlap, just fold that portion toward the center (like you would a paper airplane)

5. Tape the folded sections down.

6. Use safety pins to pin the pennants together, and display proudly!

Tip: Some of my bibs had GPS tracking things on the back that caused a little bit of extra work.  Most were thin enough to still fold easily, but some had a light foam-like strip.  I was still able to fold these, but it required a bit more tape to hold them down.

What do you do with your bibs?  Do you decorate your treadmill space?

Like it?  Pin it the image below to save it for later!


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8 thoughts on “DIY Race Bib Pennant Banner

  1. What a great idea! I have every race bib I’ve ever pinned on myself….and I keep them all on a binder ring. I wish I had a place to hang them, or I’d be making banners out of them, too. I’m gonna have to think on this…maybe I can find a place to hang them…. 😉

    1. Thank you! I understand not having a place to hang them, I was only able to hang up mine because my treadmill is in the garage =)

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