Fall is in the Air

Or more accurately, I wish fall was in the air. It’s still summer weather around here, even though our days are shorter and school has started. That summer heat has, sadly, brought with it wildfires. Much of the northwest (Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and even California) is on fire.

Since Monday was a holiday, and therefore my husband was home, I headed out early for my long run to get it out of the way. My long run went PERFECTLY and my paces felt almost effortless. I blame all those hills I’ve been running! About 2 miles from home, I started noticing smoke in the air a little ways off, and took that ^ photo. About a mile later, I took this one:

Just for perspective, here’s the same location next one that was taken earlier in the summer:

By that point I was coughing a bit and could even taste the smoke. Eventually the air quality escalated to “hazardous” and has been there ever since.

We ended up canceling our plans to join friends for a BBQ/pool party, since neither my husband or I handle the smoke very well. But we decided we should at least go out for a bit since it was a holiday! So we went out to lunch and I ate all the food.

Well maybe not all of it, but quite a bit 😂 Because what’s better than a Thai chicken pizza after a long run?! After that we went grocery shopping. Without the kids. Because that’s what the cool people do. We loaded up on veggies and easy lunch food since I’m going to really, really try to up my nutrition game. I wanted some food that was easy to prepare because I knew this week would be busy. We homeschool, so that’s starting up this week and getting back into a routine in the fall is always a bit of a challenge!

So will I stick to eating only my healthy foods? We’ll see! If you have any healthy eating tips, I’d love to hear them!

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