Fall Running Without Racing

Around here, most races are either in the Fall, or in the Spring. Of course there are some 5k’s scattered here and there, but if you want to race half or full marathons, you’re looking at May or October. So that means if you’re injured and don’t run all summer (cough cough me), then chances are you’re not running a longer distance race in October.


I’ve gotta admit…it’s a little sad. I see so many ladies in my MRTT group gearing up for their big race, and I wish it was me. But there are still other ways to participate, I think I’ll find a race or two to spectate or volunteer at! That way I can still be a part of all the fun, but not actually have to do the running.

So what am I doing since I don’t have a race to train for? Running. Just running. It’s kind of fabulous. I run when I want, where I want, and how far I want! My only goal is to keep my heart rate low (under 140) in order to rebuild a good, solid aerobic base. Right now, that means I’m throwing in walking intervals to keep my heart rate down. Which turns out to be great right now, because that gives me plenty of time to admire all the changing leaves!


I feel like last Fall I missed out on so much of the season. Any time I was out running I was so focused on hitting specific paces, or distances, that I failed to see the beauty in my surroundings. But now that I don’t have that focus on training? I can stop and take photos, I can pause and just see the beauty. And I love it. Take a little time to go enjoy your surroundings. Go for a walk, or an easy run. Don’t focus on your pace or your mileage. Really look around and see. It’s worth it. I promise.

What kind of beauty have you stopped to admire lately?

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