Finding My Paces


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m using the half marathon heart rate training plan from Another Mother Runner. I absolutely love it. I’m currently in my second round, and have been training by heart rate since January.

If you’re unfamiliar with heart rate training, the basic idea is that you run at a low heart rate most of the time to build up aerobic efficiency. As you gain efficiency, you gain speed. Running easy was a hard lesson for me to learn. I ran every run as hard as I could, and ended up tired and injured. Not smart, eh?

Well I’ve been doing this a while and I’ve seen AMAZING results. Both in pace and endurance, as well as several other areas. Each plan is 20 weeks long, and on weeks 12 and 18 you do a pace test. You run 6k, breaking it up into 2k segments, each harder than the last (based on heart rate). The paces you run are what you use to determine race pace, 10k pace and 5k paces for the rest of the training. I’m on week 12 of my training, so I got to run this workout today.

It’s hard y’all.

It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, but my paces had improved since my last on (early May) and I ran it strong and steady. I was hoping for a 60 second pace improvement, and ended up with about 30 second improvement. When I was telling my husband about it earlier, he encouraged me to let it go a bit. He reminded me that I have a tendency to set super high goals for myself, then get disappointed when I don’t reach them. He suggested I focus on what I was able to accomplish and be excited about that.

He’s right. 🙄

So today I’m celebrating a 30 second gain, a new 5k record, and a new 1 mile record! I’m especially proud of the 1 miles record. While it’s not actually my fastest mile (just the fastest I’ve run since I got my Garmin) it’s a fast mile that came after running 2.5 miles (plus a warm up) at a pretty hard pace. So I’m calling that a win 👊

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