FREE Printable! Running BINGO For Kids – Fall Edition

Ever since school started up again, I’ve been trying really hard to fit my running in.  You’d think, that since I homeschool, it would be easy.  It’s not.  School takes up a good chunk of our day, and the rest of it is filled with all the other “Mom” tasks.  Cleaning, cooking, breaking up arguments…normal stuff.  Fitting in time to run isn’t easy.  I generally get up between 5-6 am to get my run or workout in before the kids wake up, so we can have breakfast together as a family.  Some days, though, I just want to sleep.

My kids love running with me (I use the term “running” quite loosely) but they don’t make it very long.  Not because of lack of endurance, but because mentally sticking to a task like running is challenging (even as adults it’s hard!).  I’ve been trying to come up with ways to help them, because I know there are so many benefits for them.  One of the things I decided to try was a scavenger hunt.  I made them a Fall themed BINGO, full of things they might see around our neighborhood.  Some are easy, some might be harder.

We printed up out BINGO sheet, and set out!  The kids found several of the items pretty quickly, which I think was helpful since it gave them a little boost to keep going.

The kids also brought along a pair of binoculars they had made.  Don’t worry, neighbors, we weren’t actually spying on you 😉

The closer they got to completing a BINGO, the more they were willing to go a little further, and even started suggesting we go a couple of blocks out of our way so that we could find certain things like a traffic light.

In the end, we found enough for 3 BINGOS, and made it just under 2 miles!  They were pretty excited, and are already planning the next route so that they can fill out the rest of of them!  I had considered giving them some kind of reward for each BINGO they completed, but they were excited enough that I didn’t even need to.  I do think that I’ll try and come up with some kind of reward for completing the entire thing.  Any suggestions?

Want to print one out for your kids?  Click on the image below to download the PDF!  (Don’t forget to Pin it for future use)  If you use it, come back and let me know if your kids enjoyed it!


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