Halfway There!

That’s right, folks…we are halfway through our November run streak! I’ll admit, it’s been tough. My hope with this challenge was to motivate myself to keep running between training cycles. Which is working, I suppose, but I find myself doing the minimum too often. See, I also have a goal of running 100 miles this month. Which means, I need to average 3.33 miles each day. Most days, that’s fine, but I’ve done the 1 mile minimum more times than I planned.

Or maybe I’m just being too hard on myself? After all, I am out there moving each day…which is the ultimate goal! I may have a hard time getting up on those dark mornings when it’s below freezing, but I’m getting it done. And even running in the snow a couple of times! (Still learning to enjoy snow!)

How about you? How’s the challenge going?!

2 thoughts on “Halfway There!

    1. I’m so glad it’s helping you! And yay for coming back from an injury, it must be nice to be getting back out there!

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