Handicap Hangover Run 2018 Recap

I’m not sure where the handicap part comes in, but I get why they call it a Hangover Run! (Although my guess is the handicap part of the title has to do with the charity the fundraising was for!) This was a 5 Mile Fun Run on the first of the year, a great way to start the year!  Don’t worry, I didn’t have a hangover…I was in bed by 10 the night before.  I’m a party animal like that.

It was fairly cold, about 18 degrees, and there was ice everywhere! I met up with some people from my MRTT group at a coffee shop before the race so we could carpool over together. I seriously debated just staying at the coffee shop! But, since it was a “fun run” I figured I could always turn around early if it got too crazy. So we loaded up and headed over.

I didn’t take many pictures, because it was sooo cold and didn’t want to take my hands out of my gloves! But we got registered, got our bibs and waited for the race to start. Thankfully they had some outdoor heaters for us all to crowd around.

The first halfish mile was bad. Really bad. We got a huge snowstorm last week that brought about a foot of snow, then some freezing rain to add a nice layer of ice over everything. So the first part of the race was on some neighborhood streets that hadn’t gotten plowed. Most people (myself included) walked through a lot of it. I was able to run in a few spots because of my Yaktrax though! Finally we made it out onto the main trail, which had been plowed and maintained nicely. From there on out it was pretty clear, except for a handful of places, and I actually stopped to take off my Yaktrax because I didn’t want to damage them. It was such a gorgeous route, a pedestrian trail along the lake, but I didn’t pay much attention to it because I was so busy watching for ice!

After the first mile, I started passing a few people. Crazy, right?! I got into a good pace and just enjoyed it. It was an out and back course, so once I turned around it got a little trickier. At that point there were people on both sides of the trail and it got congested at spots…especially where there was ice! But I kept going, hit a nice downhill pace toward the end, and then shuffled my way back through the skating rink to the finish line!

They handed out these cards as we crossed the finish line. I’m assuming it’s supposed to represent your placement? Clearly they got mine wrong, so I fixed it.

I met up with my MRTT ladies ( since they were awesome enough to wait around in the cold for me to finish!) and we took a few pictures. Of course I had to get my jump shot.

We headed back to the coffee shop to get some coffee and warm up. As soon as I stepped out of the van, my feet flew right out from under me and I fell flat on my butt!!! Needless to say, we all were laughing pretty hard 😂 Thankfully I didn’t injure myself.  Although I have a nice bruise on my elbow.

< ot my coffee, chatted with my peeps, and headed home. It was a fun morning, and an awesome way to start the year!

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