Hiking and Hiding

I've been working on getting all my family and friends into rocks. Painted rocks that is. One of our favorite things to do is paint rocks and hide them for people to find. It's a big thing around here! So I told my mom about it and she wanted to join us for a hike to hide rocks! So the kids and I got busy painting.

And by "the kids" I mean me 😂 They did eventually paint a couple to bring. So, we gathered up our rocks and headed to one of our favorite trails.

And of course hiking involves stopping for photos constantly. We took a shorter trail, about 1.6 miles, so miss three year old was pretty excited to get the chance to hike with us! (She's usually being carried on my back) And of course she was thrilled to be the first to find a rock!

As usual, we all had tons of fun finding places to hide the rocks we painted!

Obviously some hiding spots were easier than others 😂 We also managed to find several, which is always fun.

I absolutely LOVE that our community does stuff like this. It's such a great way to get people outside and active, and even a fun way to get to know people. Nearly every time we are out hiding rocks, we end up meeting others who are doing the same thing 😊

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