I’m Runnin’ on Sunshine!

Winters in North Idaho tend to be cold and long. So when November started off with lots of snow, it didn’t bode well! However, the snow melted and gave me hope. Each day I check the weather to see if snow is coming, and each day keeps showing sunshine. I’ll take it!

I’ve been taking advantage of it as much as possible, because I know it won’t last 😢 I’m hoping it’ll at least last through the weekend though, because I have a race to run! It’s a holiday themed 5k, and if the weather is good, I might try and get a new PR. I don’t often race 5k’s, so it could be fun to see what I can do! And by “fun” I mean torturous.

I have this fabulous top I plan on wearing, but I need to decide on the rest of my outfit! So what do you think?

Red skirt with green socks?

Or green Skirt with red socks?

Clearly it’s a critical decision!

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