Is Winter Over Yet? – Spring Goals

This has been one of the cruelest months ever.  It’s been sunny, the weather has been “warm”, and best of all? There’s been hardly any snow.  Until yesterday.  Just when I thought spring was on it’s way, the weather pulls something like this!  And the forecast says snow all week long.  I’m definitely ready for winter to be over!  I haven’t been wasting these winter months though, I’ve been focusing on base building…which means plenty of long, slow miles to build up that aerobic system.

With just over 12 weeks until my half marathon, it’s time to kick my training up a notch.  So I’ll be slowly stretching out that long run, and also adding in some race pace miles.  Not to mention, adding in a some speedwork here and there!  I have a pretty ambitious goal for my spring race, I’m hoping to get my half marathon time under 3 hours!  That’s right…3 hours.  My last half marathon time was 3:29, so this would be a pretty significant PR!  I think it’s doable though.  My last half had a lot of good sized hills in just the first half, which is naturally going to slow you down some, and then the last half had a few hills as well.  So, while I still managed a PR at that race, I know it was a slower time than I was capable of.  So, looking ahead at my spring race, which is a fairly flat course, I think I can pull it off.

As part of my training this spring, I’ll also be running a few races.  Shorter distances that will double as speedwork, and also give me a good idea of where my paces are at.  I have a 5k planned for March, and a 10k planned for April.  My 7 year old daughter is training as well!  She’s working her way through a couch to 5k program so that she can run the 5k with me!  So, I guess I might not be racing that 5k at my full potential, but it’ll be fun nonetheless!

Spring Goals:

  1. Help my daughter train for her 5k
  2. Strength train 3x per week
  3. PR in my 10k
  4. Nail my long run nutrition/hydration
  5. PR in my half marathon (sub 3 hours!)


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19 thoughts on “Is Winter Over Yet? – Spring Goals

    1. That’s the way it’s been here too! Sunny and warm, and now it’s been snowing nonstop! I keep trying to remind myself that soon it’ll be too hot and I’ll be missing these days 😉

    1. Thankfully we don’t get a lot of humidity in the summer here! Although oddly enough, our winters are super humid! Most days is 90-100% humidity during the winter!

  1. Those all look like great, doable goals. I’ve been really spoiled this winter — it’s been SO mild, with only a handful of cold, snowy days. Of course, that means the summer will be wildfire central, but it’s nice right now.

  2. Winter seems to have been tough everywhere. Great goal setting! I run 5K’s with my younger son – it’s a great experience. Good luck to your daughter on her 5K!

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