Leprechaun Scurry 5k Race Recap

This might have been the most fun race ever. Not because anything spectacular occurred, but because I got to watch my daughter’s progress through it all.

We signed her up for a local kids running program. They were given a running log, and they were to log 23.1 miles toward their “Marathon”. Then, they would finish up their final miles at a local 5k and get a special medal! She was sooo excited about it! It was so awesome to watch her dedication to training. Honestly, we were a little surprised she stuck with it so well! But she did, and before we knew it, her miles were done and it was time to get our race bibs!

I’ll admit, I had to laugh at her a little bit. She was pretty disappointed that “packet pickup” consisted of only the shirt and bib…she was hoping for a bag full of snacks! Definitely my daughter.

After getting our bibs, there was nothing left to do but put our flat runners together!

And the cheer squad had to make signs, of course!

Race day arrives, and we were all up early to dress in all the green! Then it was off the the race! We made it about 2 miles before realizing that we forgot the race signs. So, we turned around, got the signs, and then we were off again!

There was a small little expo there, so we looked around a bit, met up with my Moms Run This Town group, and then headed to the start line!

We planned on doing run/walk intervals, and keeping an easy pace. But once the race started, that girl was off! Not surprisingly, it didn’t last long. We finally slowed down and just enjoyed the course. It was a warm, sunny day, and the course was filled with volunteers to cheer us on!

The hardest part was that it was a two loop course. And when you are a little slower (as we were), people were finishing as we were starting our second loop. So it was hard to have to run past the finish shoot and the bagpipe party to keep going. But, we made it, and ran through the finish line with our family and “mom’s running friends” there to cheer us through!

One nice thing about this race, is that they had a ton of raffle prizes, and each runner got a free raffle ticket. Why is this nice? Because they didn’t select the winners until after everyone finished the race. So that meant there was still a large crowd there by the time we finished! So, we got our raffle tickets and some food, and joined the party.

Sadly, we didn’t win anything, but they did have a special award ceremony for the kids who completed the marathon program! She got a fun certificate that we are going to hang up. The medals got delayed at the manufacturer, so those will be coming later.

The lack of a medal was a little disappointing for her, but she still had tons of fun! After the race, we celebrated with shamrock shakes at McDonald’s where we confused everyone there who kept asking “Is it St Patrick’s Day?!”

This race has been my favorite so far! I loved getting to share all of this with my daughter, and getting to watch her self confidence grow. This will definitely become an annual race for us!


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  1. That is adorable! What a fun program for the kids. Having the medals not ready on race day has to be a nighmare for the race director. What a bummer. Thanks for linking up!

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