Life on the Treadmill

It's the time of year when wild fires run…well, wild. While the area I live in is not directly effected, the air quality is. The smoke level is considered "unsafe" so I've been taking my runs inside to the treadmill.
It's hard you guys.
Normally I really don't mind the treadmill. It's nice to be able to just hop on, set the speed, and go. Nothing to think about, no traffic to cross, and no need to worry about safety. Just run. But I've got to admit, after over a week of it, I'm anxious to get outside again! Part of the problem, is I don't really trust my paces. My watch says one thing, while the treadmill says another, and neither feels right!

I had to take my long run to the treadmill the other day…9 miles. NINE MILES on the treadmill! It was tough. Not physically, but mentally. It helped that I could break it up into sections though. 3 miles at an easy pace, 4 at race pace, then 2 at an easy pace again. It wasn't until the 4 race pace miles that I started wanting to quit, but I could just tell myself "just 3 more miles and then you can be done." Then "just 2 more miles" and so on until the 4 miles were done. Of course by that point I had already run most of it, so I might as well finish! I was able to finish, but I'm pretty sure I lost about 10 pounds worth of sweat! My clothes were soaked and there literally puddles on my treadmill 😂
I'm definitely thankful that I have a treadmill to use when needed, but I'm going to be soooo happy to get running outside again!
What about you? What the longest you've ever run on a treadmill? How to you keep yourself motivated?

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