Miles for Moms Recap

I had big plans for this one, big plans.  It was, after all, a race for moms!  I had planned on getting my kids to run with me, make a big party out of it…the works!  But life happened, you guys, and I was never able to carve out time for that.  So, I just ran it myself.

The swag, as usual, was awesome. (and if you look closely you’ll see my little two year old photobomb! haha!)

I ran my miles all by myself, nothing special to report.  But I guess that in itself is something, right?  That I can go out and run 3 miles and I can do it without dying? I’ve come a long way since my first attempt to run!  Of course, once I got back, life was waiting for me:

Please tell me I’m not the only one who bribes their kids with cookies?!  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Apparently cookies and race medals are the way to make this two year old happy!  Come to think of it…cookies and race medals make this mom happy too 😉

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