My New Living Room Decor

That’s right, folks. I put my treadmill in the living room for the winter! Why? Well it’s been living in the garage since I bought it, but somehow it’s really hard to force myself to use it during the winter. Which is crazy, because that’s the primary reason I bought it! But then the temps outside are below freezing, the garage isn’t much warmer. So it’s been super hard to get up early, while it’s still dark, to go run on a treadmill in the freezing garage. So my husband was nice enough to move it for me! My hope is that ill now be able to use it during the day while the kids are playing.

I tested it out yesterday, and the setup worked great!  I ran 3 recovery miles and watched a little Gilmore Girls.

In other news, I’m working on upping my nutrition game. I know that what I eat will have a huge impact on my running, so I’m finally getting around to making it a priority!

I’ve been sharing pictures of my food on Instagram stories, but I’ll likely be sharing some on here too. You have been warned.

I’m not necessarily following a specific plan or “diet”, just trying to stick to whole foods and plenty of veggies.

Breakfast: fried egg, turkey bacon, and cheese on a coconut flour biscuit.  The biscuit actually turned out really tasty!

Lunch: Taco soup made with homemade bone broth (it was tastier than it looks!)

Dinner: Tofu stir fry and rice and zoodles.  And lobster chop sticks.  Because why not?!

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