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Running with My BRF

All winter long, this little girl of mine has been begging to go running with me.  While I don’t mind running in single digit temps, I’m certainly not letting my little 6 year old out... Read More

BOSU Like a Boss

That’s right folks, I’m now a proud owner of a BOSU.  My training plan has BOSU workouts included in it, optional but highly recommended.  After hearing everyone in my group talk... Read More

Long Run Woes

Tuesdays are my long run day.  Why?  Because I’m kid free that day!  I’ve gotta admit…it’s a day I look forward to.  I can get my long run in, do some foam ... Read More

Snowplow Fail

Saturdays are just about my only day right now to run outside.  Mainly because I run in the mornings during the week and don’t have the right gear for running in the dark.  So, Saturda... Read More

Balega Impi

I got the amazing news yesterday that I’ve been chosen to be a Balega Impi (ambassador) for this year!  It was super exciting to get the email, but to be honest I was pretty convinced at fi... Read More