Pizza and Running, Running and Pizza

Pizza and running. Pretty much my two favorite things. The other day I wanted pizza soooo badly. But, as you may recall, I’m trying to eat better. So I figured I’d try making me own. Easier said than done. I started off making a whole wheat pizza crust for the kids (yay for bread machines!), but then realized we had no pizza sauce, no tomato sauce, we had nothing. So we went with Bbq chicken.

But what about something for us non-wheat eating people? Like me. Well, I decided to try making a quinoa crust.

It actually turned out really well! I made a ranch sauce to go in it and added chicken, bacon and veggies. Not too shabby for a healthier pizza!

Nothing much to report on the running front these days. Just plenty of slow, steady miles to build up that base. It’ll be so nice when I get to add in a bit of variety! The weather has been pretty good for being in the middle of winter, and the paths are staying nice and clear. Mostly.

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