Reindeer Run 5k 2017 Recap

It’s not very often that I actually race 5k’s. I don’t like them. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. It’s probably better to say that I don’t like running hard. I’d rather run a half marathon than a 5k! But I do like to run them occasionally, and I had a free entry to this one. Plus I had my fabulous shirt I needed to wear!

After deciding what to wear (thanks for the feedback!) I headed downtown to the packet pickup with my daughter. Sadly I couldn’t quite convince her to register as well.

Morning came, and when my alarm went off my first thought was “why am I doing this?!” It was cold and it was dark. So not fun. But I got dressed, ate a bit of breakfast and made my way to the starting line.

Thankfully there was no snow or ice, but it was in the low 20’s, and there’s always a bit of wind coming off the lake. Even still, we lined up and we were off! I placed myself toward the back, but still ended up having to weave around people for the first quarter mile or so. Me! Passing people! Go figure. I eventually found a good pace though, and focused on holding it. And not freezing.

It was a relatively flat out and back course around the lake, and I made it exactly .78 miles before I was passed by the first person who was making their way back. There were some speedy people! That first mile was tough, I could not warm up and my leg muscles were having a really hard time. I kept telling myself to give it until the turn around point, and if it was still tough I’d slow down and just have fun for the rest of it.

Sure enough, my legs finally started to warm up but I decided to just hold my pace for the rest of it rather than speed up like I normally would. My goal was to try and stay under 13 min/mile and my first mile had been 12:45 so I felt good about that.

Mile 2 flew by, and before I knew it I was in the last mile. There were two ladies that had been near me the entire race, sometimes a little behind, sometimes in front. I listened to their conversation the whole time, and wished I could join in! But I was too busy coughing and trying to breath properly to attempt conversation. (Racing a 5k in the cold after nearly 3 weeks of being sick may not have been the smartest idea!) In the last half mile they started picking up their pace, which made me decide to try and keep up. So I kept within a few yards of them until I saw a photographer. Then I slowed down a bit to put a little room between us so that I could get a good photo. Priorities you guys.

Then I booked it to the finish line! It wasn’t a chip timed race, so I’m using the time on my Garmin, but I finished at 38:55! Which is a more than 3 minute improvement from the last 5k I did! I’ll take it!

I warmed up with some coffee and food, then got to meet some ladies from my Moms Run This Town group. And of course take a picture with Santa.

All in all a good race. And fun! I’m happy with my time, even though there’s the small part of me that says “you could have run faster”. Does that ever go away? Please tell me it goes away. Probably not, huh?

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