Are Running Skirts Just Hype? – A Skirt Sports Review

(UPDATE! I loved these skirts so much, I bought more!  And more…and more…and now I’m an ambassador for Skirts Sports! If you want to do some shopping, use code 845spen to save 15% on regularly priced items!)

Running skirts have been around for a while, but they seem to be picking up steam. When I first started running, I wasn’t comfortable wearing just leggings or capris, so I picked up some running skirts to wear over them.  But wearing them just by themselves? No way!  I have larger thighs and hate the way running shorts ride up, causing my thighs to rub together, and I knew the running skirts I had would behave the same way.  Well, summer came around and so did the warm weather.  I’m running waaaaaay more this summer than I did last summer, so I really needed something other than capris to run in.  I had picked up a running skirt on clearance a while back, thinking since it was a little longer it would be good for hiking, but I decided to give it a try on a shorter run.  It was great!  I did have to adjust the shorts underneath a bit during my run, but it was so much cooler to run in than my capris.  So then I tried it on a longer run.  Chaffing!  It was awful and I had to cut my run short. So, I turned to my peeps on Instagram for suggestions.  One of the most common responses was to try Skirt Sports!  The other most common response was from people who have had the same issue.

So, I decided to try out Skirt Sports, and it just so happened that they were having a HUGE sale!  So, I planned out what I was going to buy, signed up for their newsletter (and got a $5 off code!) and waited until payday.  While I was waiting, they sent out a 10% off sale items discount code!  I definitely got some great deals!  What I ended up getting was the Jette Skirt, the Lioness Skirt, and the Go Longer Shorts.

Since so many of you expressed interest in hearing how they work for me, I decided to do a full review.  And since I’m the type of person who has always learned more by reading the negetive reviews more than the positive, that’s what I’ll start with.  (For reference, I’m about 5’7 and size 16)

The Cons:

Waistband – Now I know this one is mostly personal preference, but I found the waistbands too low for my liking.  I have a long torso so I generally like higher waistbands while running because there’s less shifting and such.  That being said, for being lower than I preferred, the waistbands did stay in place quite nicely.

Length – Ok, I feel like I shouldn’t even bring this one up because it’s totally all me, not the skirts, but I’ve gotta keep it real, right?  I chose to buy 4″ length skirts.  I knew I would prefer the 6″, but I bought the 4″ because they were cheaper.  Like I said…all me, but I think if I had gotten a longer length it would have been perfect.

Pockets – The shorts didn’t have any pockets, except for a little one in the waistband.  Not a huge deal, and I knew that when I bought them, but I’d love to see them add a larger pocket.

The Pros:

Comfort – These skirts are soooooo comfortable!  Seriously.  The Lioness skirt is by far my favorite material, it’s soft and stretchy like jersey but it’s a poly/spandex blend. Each skirt and the shorts were lightweight and moved perfectly with me while running.

Fit – The skirts run true to size, which is always a concern when ordering online. (but of course double check the size charts!)

Pockets – Each running skirt had a pocket on each leg.  It fit my iPhone SE with an Otterbox case perfectly, but if you have a larger phone than that it might be iffy.  It was also the perfect size for a SPI water bottle.  There was also a small hole made for threading your headphones through so you can keep your phone or mp3 player in your pocket and still easily listen to your music.  The Lioness skirt had a good sized zippered pocket in the waistband, which again held my phone perfectly, but would probably be better for things like keys, chapstick, cash, etc.



Grippys – You guys, this is pretty much the best invention ever. This is was I was hoping would make all the difference, and it didn’t disappoint.  I knew 4″ shorts were long enough to keep my legs from rubbing together, as long as they stayed in place, so my hope when buying these skirts was that the grippy part would do it’s job. The first run I did was only 3 miles, and I was shocked at the way these grippys did their job.  They didn’t budge AT ALL!  I never had to adjust them, they just stayed put!  Well, I thought it might be too good to be true, so I tried to reserve judgement until I had run longer in them.  Yesterday I ran 8 miles in the Jette skirt and it was AMAZING! I never had to adjust any part of the skirt and the legs didn’t ride up at all.  Which of course, means no chaffing!  Grippys: they’re life changing. (side note, the grippys didn’t irritate my skin or anything, even though it was 90+ degrees and I was sweating like crazy, and I tend to have pretty sensitive skin.)


Shorts: Since the shorts don’t have the same features as the skirts, I figured I’d focus on just them.  The material is lightweight and moves well.  The waistband is wide and comfortable.  They do shift around a little bit, but that is to be expected since they are not designed to be fitted, but they don’t cause any discomfort or chafing.

The conclusion?

I am 100% sold on these running skirts, and I would recommend them to anyone, especially ladies who have had issues with running shorts!  They have so many styles, and several lengths, so I think just about anyone could find what they need.  They are a little pricier than I’d normally pay for running clothes, but definitely worth it.  If the cost is a concern for you, sign up for their newsletter and you’ll get a $5 off code, and of course you’ll be notified of sales and such.  Also, I know their ambassadors often share discount codes, so try finding them on Instagram and see if any have one for you!

All opinions are my own, I was not paid nor did I receive any kind of compensation. I have no affiliation with Skirt Sports.

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