Spring Break

How is spring break already almost over?! I feel like spring hasn’t even started yet! But the calendar tells me otherwise. We’ve never been the type of family to go on vacations, but I usually try to at least fun in a few fun things with the kids though.

My mom and I took the older girls to go see The Sound of Music. And yes, that’s what I look like when I’m not in running clothes 😉 The show was really good! And thankfully I managed to restrain myself and not sing along the whole time. That might have gotten us kicked out.

We also managed to squeeze in a run.

And of course a jump shot.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed from all the giveaways that it was my birthday! So naturally there was a birthday run. (Birthday tank from Get on Your Marq)

And cake.

And lots of board games!

We finished up the week with a trip to the park.

And there you have it! A quick catch up and lots of pictures!

How does your family usually spend spring break?

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