Spring is My Favorite Day of the Year

Spring seems to be a little confused this year.  And from what I can tell, it’s that way across the country!  Yesterday was my long run, and I’m pretty sure the above photo is an accurate representation of it!  Now, let me clarify.  We don’t really get spring around here.  We get winter and we get summer.  Spring and fall though?  They’re pretty short and sweet.

It’s been cold, windy, rainy, snowy…you name it!  After watching the Boston Marathon yesterday, I was pretty inspired.  Who couldn’t be, right?!  So I headed out on my long run, knowing that rain was in my future.  The first 4 miles were surprisingly dry, but rather windy.  Then as I turned around to go home, that’s when it got crazy.  A storm rolled in, with rain and hail to add to the wind.

The odd part? It came and went like it couldn’t make up it’s mind.  It would be dark and cloudy, raining like crazy, then almost instantly it would shut off and the sun would be out.  It was odd.

We have both sunshine and snow in the forecast for this week, and I’m really hoping to get some warm weather running in soon.  Not just because it’s more enjoyable, but because I need to get my body acclimated to it.  I have my half marathon coming up in about a month, and I want to be ready for any temperature.  Last year, my spring race was difficult.  I was not well prepared, and it was also unusually warm that day.  I had been used to running in the morning, with the temps in the 40’s, but then on race day the temps were in the 80’s!  If it had been in the middle of the summer, that would have been a nice, cool day.  But in May, coming off of 6 months of cold weather? It was difficult.

I love spring, and I love spring running.  I just wish I had more opportunity to experience it!  So, for now, I’ll take advantage of every sunny day that comes, and I’ll remind myself that those windy, rainy runs will just make me stronger.


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5 thoughts on “Spring is My Favorite Day of the Year

  1. You nailed it when you said Spring is your favorite DAY. So far that’s about what we’ve had as well. It hit 70 for about half a day last week. Then it snowed/rained/iced for 3 days straight. I’m sick of it.

  2. I’m pretty sure this year we will be lucky to get one day of spring before we move into summer. I have a race in Chicago on Saturday and I can’t even imagine what conditions we’ll be having!

  3. I agree…a little bit of transition is much appreciated (if only Momma N would honor that). last summer, I had a similar experience…my favorite 13.1 was the first weekend in June, and literally OVERNIGHT the temps got hot and very humid…much warmer than had been forecast just 24-hours prior. I love the heat, but even I need to acclimate to it LOL

  4. Its definitely been a rough year in many parts of the country! It does feel like spring is only one day. I think it was warmer here in February than its been in April!

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