Streaking With the Cool Kids

After spending several days recovering from my half marathon (recap coming soon!) I’m ready to get back to running.  And what better way to get back into it than with a run streak?!

I’ve always wanted to do a run streak, but I’ve never felt like I could run that much.  Now that I’m running by heart rate, I’m actually running at an easy effort so I’m not needing so much time to recover.  My schedule has me running 5 days a week, with an optional 6th, so I’m pretty well covered there.  The nice thing about this streak, is that it included walking!  So I can easily squeeze in an easy walk with the kid on my my “off” day.

Day 1 was just a little walking, a little jogging…nothing too strenuous…but apparently enough to earn me a latte!

Day 2 of the streak was on National Donut Day…so of course I was all about the donuts.  This run apparently earned me 3 donuts.  But don’t worry, I only ate 2 😉

Anyone else feel like maybe I’m missing the point of the whole “calories burned” thing?

Have you ever done a run streak?  What was your experience?


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