The Time I Pretended I Was an Ironman

The area I live in is really active, tons of runners, cycles, swimmers, and naturally triathletes! Triathlons are a thing here, and we even have both the Half and full Ironman races. It’s a big deal. I didn’t make it down there to watch this year, but since my long run was the following day, I got to see the aftermath.

I went to my favorite trail to run, which also happens to be part of the Ironman course. It was really kind of fun to see all the things written on the roads in chalk, encouragements for the athletes.

There was one street that said “welcome to geek street” and was filled with quotes and pictures from all sorts of fandoms! I was wanted to stop and take pictures of everything, but I figured that would make for a really long long run 😂. I did take a picture of this one though, because I knew my kids would appreciate it.

The run itself wasn’t too bad. I had a hard time holding my paces after a while, it was in the high 90’s and I’d been fighting off a cold so it was definitely a struggle. I did manage to finish, and my miles splits weren’t too bad. So I was pretty pleased. I’ll admit, though, I’m looking forward to cooler temps so Running isn’t so difficult!

11 miles down, and I’m getting so close to that 13 mile mark again!

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