Trail of Terror 10k Race Recap

We were super excited for this one! I’d never done a costume race, so the girls and I had fun trying to come up with something!

Packet pickup time came, and I still had no plan for the race. I didn’t know much about the course so I ultimately decided to just take it easy and have fun.

The race started at 12:15, which was really odd. I think they probably started it later in the day in hopes of avoiding the cold morning weather, but it made for a weird morning of waiting around!

The race started at a local bed and breakfast/farm, so it was a beautiful landscape with horses to watch. And of course plenty of room for the kids to play while we waited!

Or read if you’re too cool to play. We watched the half marathoners take off, and before I knew it, it was my turn. I lined up in the back of the pack and then we were off! The first quarter mile or so was on a dirt road. And not a nicely packed dirt road, it was full of giant loose rocks! It was hard to run on, especially for someone like me who’s not used to it. I kept it at an easy pace, even though I really wanted to catch up to the lady in front of me. Who was walking.

The course was beautiful, and surprisingly hilly. I spent the first three miles taking it easy, walking up the hills, and checking out all the costumes. The nice thing about the course for the 10k and the half, was that it was an out and back. Which means there was almost always someone nearby. As someone who’s used to being by myself during a race, this was a fun bonus!

When I got to the turnaround point, and checked the time, I started thinking that I could pull off a PR. The only question, was how big? So I kicked it up a notch to see what I could do. Thankfully, all those hills that I had to run up earlier, were now downhill! My second half of the race was significantly faster than the first!

I crossed the finish line with an official chip time of 1:24:51! That’s a nearly 9 min PR!

My family was there, waiting with hugs! That’s always the best thing about crossing that finish line!

After that, there was nothing left to do but grab some free beer and take some photos!

It was a fun race, and I’m happy with how I ran it. Could I have gone faster? Gotten a better PR? Probably. But then I might have missed out on some of the fun! And that was what was most important.

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