Week in Review (1/1 – 1/6)

A new year and a new training cycle all then the same week! So I decided I’d start doing weekly reviews, if anything just as a way of seeing my progress.

Monday January 1

Started off with a bang! Ran my first race of the year, and it was a blast! You can read all about it here.

Tuesday January 2

Back into the groove of life. Which meant back to doing school with these kiddos. Good thing it was a rest day for running!

Wednesday January 3

4 early morning miles on the treadmill, followed by some strength training. And I got bonus points for my matchy matchy outfit, right?!

Thursday January 4

Yay for outside running! Boo for forgetting the Yaktrax. I made it about a quarter of a mile before turning back (I did stop to take a picture where the trail was clear!) I finished up with 3 miles in the treadmill.

Friday January 5

If you read my Instagram post, you know I skipped my run. I’d been feeling pretty unmotivated and couldn’t quite make myself run. I did, however eat the pizza my husband brought home for movie night. Because pizza.

Saturday January 6

I chose to make it a rest day. I decided to just spend the day with my family. We did some grocery shopping and some furniture shopping. I’m in the market for a sectional! And my sweet daughter bought me coffee! The rest of the day was spent watching movies with the family.

I think my rest day was good for me, and I’m hoping tomorrow I can find new motivation!

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