Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?

I am absolutely LOVING fall running. I had a kid free afternoon yesterday, so I decided to take my run somewhere fun. So I headed to a popular area of town, right on the lake where there are tons of trails and parks.

It was gorgeous. I spent the whole time wandering around, taking in the scenery. And taking pictures of course!

At one point during my run, I spotted a bunch of turkeys. I ran their direction to try and get some photos for my kids, and then I saw this:

There were soooo many of them! I have no idea what they were doing there in the middle of a residential area, but it was pretty funny to watch. Apparently they were all heading to a feast on the other side of the road? They were all hanging out in someone’s yard right next to some garbage cans.

In other news, I have a race tomorrow! I’ll be running a costume 10k, and I’m really looking forward to it! I’m not sure yet what my game plan is though. Do I race it? Do I just have fun? Or somewhere in the middle? I don’t often race 10ks, in fact I think the last one I did was about two years ago, so that alone makes me want to see what I can do! Although, chances are even if I don’t fully race it I’ll still be able to snag a PR!

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